Tetuko Kurniawan, S.T., M.Sc.

Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering

Room: Engineering Room
President University
Jl Ki Hajar Dewantara, Jababeka Education Park
Cikarang, West Java, 17550, Indonesia
Phone: +62-857 2193 8113
Email: tetuko@president.ac.id

M.Sc. in Applied Mechanics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, 2011
S.T. in Mechanical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia, 2008

1. An-Bang Wang, Tetuko Kurniawan, Pei-Hsun Tsai, “About Oscillation effect on the penetration depth of drop induced vortex ring”, XXIII Internaticnal Conference on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 2012, Beijing, China
2. An-Bang Wang, Chia-Wei Cheng, I-Chun Lin, Fei-Yau Lu, Huai-Jen Tsai, Chiu-Chun Lin, Chun-Hui Yang, Po-Ting Pan, Chen-Chi Kuan, Yen-Chih Chen, Yi-Wei Lin, Chih-Ning Chang,Yi-Hung Wu, Tetuko Kurniawan, Chii-Wann Lin, Andrew M. Wo and Lin-Chi Chen, “A novel DNA selection and direct extraction process and its application in DNA Recombination”, Journal of Electrophoresis 2011, 32, 423 – 430.
3. Tetuko Kurniawan, An-Bang Wang, Li-Tyng Hung, Chen-Chi Kuan, “Visualization of coalescence cascade phenomena for a droplet in a vacuum Chamber”, Proceedings of The 7th Pacific Symposium on Flow Visualization and Image Processing, 24B-1

Research Interests
Renewable Energy, Sustainable Transportation, Thermal-Fluid Engineering

Currently working on
Solar Stirling Engine, Entropy and Exergy Analysis, Electric Vehicle

Teaching Interests
Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer

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