Vision & Mission


By 2025, become a study program that leading edge and quality in producing graduates who excel in the development and implementation of science and technology in the field of Mechanical Engineering along with the reliability in analysis, especially in the areas of: Design Manufacturing / Automotive; Energy Conversion; Formation Material; and Mechatronics recognized up to the international level in innovation and entrepreneurship for the welfare of the global community.



  1. Held a quality higher education in order to produce a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering who have integrity, professional, ethical and have the ability to adapt to a variety of developments, and has an entrepreneurial spirit.
  2. Conducting the innovative and relevant research in the field of Mechanical Engineering to the needs of industry, science and applied technology to support the implementation of higher education quality.
  3. Held a community service activities in the field of Mechanical Engineering that is qualified, effective and sustainable.
  4. Establish and enhance mutually beneficial cooperation with various parties, including the government, private, industrial or other institutions both nationally and internationally relevant in order to improve the quality of graduates.